Dedication Ceremony

The dedication ceremony  was a great success with in excess of 2,000 people present.  Every one had a great time and we honored and memorialized those veterans who have served our country.

Rick Otey offers the dedication speech.

The crowd was large.  Some estimate 2,000 +.

Village President, Todd Bong delivers a welcome.

Pastor Noah Lee offers the invocation. 

Tremont Boys Scouts lead the Pledge of Allegiance

Tremont Veterans Memorial Dedication

November 11, 2011 11:11AM

Welcome: Todd Bong, Village President

Invocation: Noah Lee, Tremont Baptist Church

Music: Miss Tremont, Hope Hancock, Star Spangled Banner

Raising of the flag of the United States of America

Pledge of Allegiance: Tremont Boy Scouts (please join in)

Music: Tremont High School Band-Military Medley

Music: Tremont 3rd Grade, Thank You Soldiers

Reading of Names: Mary Ann Vance & Carlene Venovich

Music: Community Chorus, Sea of Glory, including America the Beautiful

Comments: Rick Otey, Tremont Veteran

Music: Community Chorus, America, We Must Not Forget

Color Guard: Tremont American Legion & Tazewell Military Rites Team

Taps: Tremont American Legion & Tremont High Band Member

A moment of silence