Row one is next to the flagpole. Stones run left to right.
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H. David Saal, Army, 1965-1967,   Row 1, Stone 5

Daniel E. Sage, Army National Guard, 1970-1975    Row 10, Stone 9

Kenneth E. Sage, Army, 1954-1956    Row 10, Stone 8

Michael R. Samp, Navy, 1965-1987   Row 5, Stone 1

Alan Harry Sanders, Army, 1957-1959    Row 17, Stone 8

Russell A. Sanders, Marines, 1988-1992  Row 17, Stone 9

Charles W. Sauder, Army, 1963-1965   Row 27, Stone 1

Dale A. Sauder, Army, 1956-1958   Row 29, Stone 2

LeRoy Sauder, Army, 1954-1956 Row 14, Stone 1

I. Bruce Schafer, Army, 1953-1955 Row 32, Stone 8

Ronald E. Scalf, Army, 1956-1958   Row 27, Stone 8

Christian G. Schmidgall, Army, 1942-1945  Row 35, Stone 12

David Ray Schmidgall, Army, 1969-1975   Row 21, Stone 6

Gary Lee Schmidgall, Army, 1970-1972    Row 21, Stone 7

Melvin A. Schmidt, Navy, 1964-1968  Row 26, Stone 7
Mr. Schmidt served as a Radioman 2nd Class aboard the USS Wasp (aircraft carrier) and also at the Communications Center at San Miguel and Subic Bay, Philippines.

James Arthur Schroeder, Army, 1976-1980   Row 6, Stone 9

James K. Schurter, Army, 1967-1969   Row 20, Stone 11

Tyler J. Schweigert, Marines, 2002-2008   Row 19, Stone 4

Robert N. Shafer, Army Air Corps, 1941-1946    Row 20, Stone 10

Adam M. Shenaut, Army, 2009-   Row 1, Stone 4

Joseph Shepke, Army, 1944-1945, Row 32, Stone 6

Hiram Dudley Shepherdson, Army, 1941-1945   Row 29, Stone 6

Irvin W. "Bill" Shreve, Army, 1948-1951   Row 17, Stone 7

Robert Dale Shreve, Army, 1942-1946    Row 17, Stone 6

Linda Eckhoff Sims, Air Force, 1976-1980 Row 33, Stone 3

James Franklin Simmons, Sr., Army, 1943-1945    Row 26, Stone 4

Wade J. Sinn, Marines, 2010-2014    Row 19, Stone 8

Wade graduated from Tremont High School in May 2010. He was vacationing on Table Rock Lake, MO when he received the call from the recruiter. A week later, August 8, 2010 Wade left for the Marine Corps and there he stood on the yellow footprints. He graduated boot camp on November 5th. There were 25 family members and friends that flew to San Diego, CA in honor of Wade’s graduation. On March 27, 2011 he left for Okinawa, Japan where he is permanently stationed. Wade became Lance Cpl. in February 2011. He will deploy to Afghanistan in January 20.

Donald Slack Sr., Navy/Army, 1945-1946 and 1952-1953, Row 32, Stone 9

Leland H. Smalley, Army, 1951-1952   Row 7, Stone 12

Michael Alan Snodgrass, Army, 1966-1968    Row 14, Stone 6

Ramon H. Snodgrass, Army Air Force, 1942-1946    Row 14, Stone 5

L. Dean Snyder, Army, 1951-1952   Row 23, Stone 4

Ryan D. Steider, Army, 1990-1997   Row 5, Stone 12

Daniel Charles Steiner, Army, 1957-1959   Row 3, Stone 5

Harold Arthur Steiner, Army, 1965-1967    Row 3, Stone 2

Joseph Edward Steiner, Army, 1963-1965     Row 3, Stone 4

Richard Leslie Steiner, Army, 1961-1963    Row 3, Stone 3

Leroy Glenn Stephenson, Navy Reserve, 1950-1954    Row 27, Stone 4

Clarence R. Stewart, Army, 1965-1967    Row 22, Stone 6

Leonard R. "Len" Stewart, Air National Guard, 1962-1968   Row 28, Stone 5

Thomas A. Stewart, Marines, 1969-1972 Row 31, Stone 09

William R. Stewart, Army, 1967-1969   Row 22, Stone 1

Bradley A. Strunk, Army, 1970-1973   Row 4, Stone 1

Riki L. Strunk, Army, 1971-1973, Row 3, Stone 1
Kenneth L. Stuber, Army, 1955-1957   Row 21, Stone 8

Ken Stuber was drafted into the United States Army in December 1955 for two years. Our country was not at war at that time, but in the midst of the cold war, so Ken was stationed in Italy with the Southern European Task Force which had the assignment to stop a possible Russian attack through the Alps. He is thankful and proud that he had the opportunity to serve our country for two years.
Seth A. Stuber, Marine Reserves, 2015-  Row 34, Stone 2

Terry L. Stuber, Army, 1966-1968   Row 30, Stone 9

Gary L. Tinervin, Marines, 1969-1973    Row 24, Stone 12

Keith A. Toepfer, Army, 1954-1956, Row 37, Stone 08

Fred E. Trumpold, Air Force, 1943-1946   Row 28, Stone 1

Benjamin W. Unsicker, Army, 1944-1945    Row 4, Stone 11

Clarence L. Unsicker, Army, 1942-1945    Row 4, Stone 10

Henry W. Unsicker, Army, 1942-1945    Row 4, Stone 9

Leonard B. "Corky" Unsicker, Navy, 1956-1962   Row 17, Stone 4

Leonard (Corky) Unsicker was born and grew up in Tremont. He graduated from Tremont High School in 1956. During his senior year in high school he enlisted in the U. S. Navy along with two other classmates and friends, Jim Largent and Robbie Craddick. Immediately after graduation he was sent to basic training, and then was assigned to serve on the destroyer USS McKinley (AGC-7)in Pearl Harbor. He was a Quartermaster First Class when he was discharged in late 1958. He attended Bradley University and remained in the active reserves. During the Berlin crisis he was recalled to active duty and served on the destroyer USS Hartley (DE-1029)in Newport, RI until his discharge in August, 1962.

USS McKinley (AGC-7)
USS Hartley (DE-1029)

Vernon B. Unsicker, Army, 1941-1945   Row 4, Stone 8

Raymond "Skip" Vance, Marines, 1953-1956   Row 16, Stone 10

Thomas E. Van Meter, Navy, 1970-1970 Row 31, Stone 11

William R. Van Meter, Navy, 1942-1945 Row 31, Stone 10

Donald E. Vaupel, Army, 1961-1964   Row 8, Stone 8

Joseph Venovich, Jr., Navy, 1955-1959    Row 7, Stone 8

Joseph Venovich, Sr., Army, 1944-1945    Row 7, Stone 7

Stan Voudrie, Army, 1968-1970    Row 20, Stone 6

William D. Waddell, Navy Reserve, 1945-1951   Row 23, Stone 7

James E. Wagenbach, Army, 1969-1970   Row 13, Stone 5

Robert P. Wagenbach, Army, 1951-1953    Row 13, Stone 4

Bob took his basic training at Ft. Meade, Maryland spending some time in the states and was then sent to Cheju, Korea where he spent seven months being personnel director at a field hospital.

William H. Wagner, Navy, 1944-1946, USS Bremerton CA130

Billy F. Walden, Sr. , Army, 1970-1972   Row 29, Stone 1

Ted D. Wanack, Army, 1968-1996   Row 11, Stone 12

Merle A. Waremburg, Army, 1943-1947 & 1954-1983    Row 14, Stone 3

Merle A. Waremburg was born and raised in Pekin, Illinois. He enlisted in the United States Army in 1943 and served during WWII. During his tour of duty, he fought in campaigns in Central Europe and Northern France with a field artillery unit. He was honorably discharged in 1947. In 1954 he reenlisted in the Illinois National Guard. He was activated during the Berlin Crisis, Cuban Missle Blockade and the Chicago Riots. Merle transferred in 1973 to the United States Army Reserve as a supply technician for the 4th Battalion 75th Field Artillery. He achieved the rank of Command Sergeant Major, which is the highest rank to be granted a noncommissioned officer.

This promotion was personally presented to him by Five Star General Omar Bradley.

Medals and honors received by CSM Merle A.Waremburg are; WW II Victory Medal, 2 Bronze Service Medals, American Theatre Ribbon, Military Achievement Ribbon, European Campaign Medal, Army of Occupation Ribbon, American Campaign Medal, and Military Merit Medal.

Merle moved to Tremont, Illinois in 1951 with his wife Maxine Brants. He has eight children who all reside in Tremont. They are Sharon (Michael) Whisenand, Diane Carpenter, Gary (Brenda)Waremburg, Gregory (Leanne)Waremburg, Susan Waremburg, Dawn (David)Hackbart, Scott Waremburg, and Michelle (Jon) Boston. He has eleven grandchildren and six great grandchildren. He was still serving in the United States Army Reserve at the time of his death April 16, 1988.

Orville Watkins, Army Air Corp, 1941-1946    Row 21, Stone 4

Shane Watts, Army, 1989-1993 Row 34, Stone 10

Larry E. Weeks, Navy, 1966-1970    Row 6, Stone 6
Jack L. West, Navy, 1966-1970   Row 22, Stone 12
Mark W. West, Navy, 1968-1969   Row 23, Stone 12
Max West, Navy, 1941-1945   Row 21, Stone 12

Michael L. Whisenand, Air Force, 1967-1974    Row 14, Stone 4

Michael L. Whisenand was born in Missouri and raised in Delavan,Illinois. He enlisted in the United States Air Force before he graduated from high school in 1967. Mike was a crew chief who was responsible for keeping a variety of planes flight ready at the various bases he was stationed. In the United States he was stationed in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Alaska and California. He did a tour of duty in Vietnam. He was responsible for keeping planes flight ready as well as combat prepared. He spent time at Pleiku Air Base with 633d Special Operations Wing, Da Nang Air Base with 366th Tactical Fighter Wing and Tan San Nhut Air Base with the 377th Air Base Wing. He achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant during his time of service. After Viet Nam, he was stationed at Travis Air Force Base in California with the 916 ARS Strategic Air Command. He was crew chief of the KC135 refueling tankers for the B-52 bombers. When his active duty tour was complete, he returned home to Tremont Illinois. He enlisted for three more years with the Air National Guard in Peoria, Illinois.

During his time in service he received the following medals and awards; Air Force Presidential Citation, Outstanding Unit Award, National Defense Service Medal, Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon, Viet Nam Service Medal with two Bronze Stars, Republic of Viet Nam Tech Service 2c Medal Ribbon and Republic of Viet Nam Campaign Medal.

Michael Whisenand married Sharon Waremburg and moved to Tremont, after he returned from active duty. He is the father of two children. A son Anthony and a daughter Jennifer Whisenand Monti (who is deceased). He has three grandsons Chance, Chase and Chandler Whisenand. Mike is a retired electrician from Catepillar and continues to reside in Tremont with his wife.

Earl E. White, Army, 1944-1946 Row 4, Stone 5

Earl White was born Sept. 23, 1919, in Morgantown, KY, a son of B. Hobart and Dona Abner White. He has lived most of his life in the Hopedale and Tremont area. Earl served as a Private 1st Class in the Army between 1944-1946 during WWII in Okinawa and Japan. He was honorably discharged in Feb of 1946. He is a life-time member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5921 in Morton, IL. Earl had a brother, Royce and three brothers-in-law, Frank, George, and Joseph Oertle, who also served in WWII, all of whom are deceased. Earl married Louise Oertle in 1940, and they were married over 50 years until her death in 1990. They had two daughters, Phyllis Emmons and Glenda Kaiser, both of Tremont. He later married Vivien Oertle. Earl celebrated his 92nd birthday on Sept, 23, 2011.

Robert E. Wicks, Marines, 2008-2013 Row 17, Stone 3
Sgt. Robert E. Wicks- Born November 29, 1985, the son of Lou and Kim Wicks. Robb is married to Cassy (Nieuwkoop) Wicks.  Robb joined the US Marine Corps on January 28, 2008. Robb is a Communications Specialist and is based at Camp Pendleton, CA. He is attached to the 3rd Amphibian Assault Battalion of the 1st Marine division. Robb deployed to Okinawa in October 2011 and completed that deployment in March 2012.  Robb will complete his active duty assignment in January 2013 and plans to discharge from the military at that time. 
Ryan L. Wicks, Marines, 2007-2011 Row 17, Stone 2
Cpl. Ryan L. Wicks- Born April 12, 1988, the son of Lou and Kim Wicks. Ryan joined the US Marine Corps on October 8, 2007. Ryan was an 0311 Infantry specialist of the 1st Marine division, 7th Marine regiment, based at Twenty Nine Palms, CA. Ryan completed two deployments while serving in the Marine Corps. He was deployed to Iraq from January 2009-August 2009, and he was on a MEU in the Asian Pacific from July 2010-January 2011. Ryan was scheduled to be discharged from the Marine Corps in October 2011, but due to early out options for active duty persons who were considered non-deployable due to the time they had left to serve, Ryan was able to discharge from the military in July 2011.

Carl H. Williams, Army, 1951-1953   Row 23, Stone 9

Jerry A. Williams, Navy, 1988-1991   Row 11, Stone 9

William Reed Williams, Army, 1966-1968   Row 6, Stone 4

Ronald O. Willmore, Army, 1966-1968, Row 1, Stone 1
John L. "Shorty" Wineburner, Army ABN, 1953-1955 Row 22, Stone 2

Ed Woerner, Air Force, 1941-1945   Row 29, Stone 8

Freddie C. Woerner, Air Force, 1951-1955    Row 10, Stone 11

George M. Woerner, Army, 1951-1955   Row 7, Stone 6

Kenneth J. Woerner, Army, 1956-1962, Row 35, Stone 5

Nic Z. Woerner, Marines, 2015-  Row 35, Stone 4

Karl B. Wolters, Marines/ Navy Reserve, 1961-1965, 1965-1967   Row 30, Stone 5