Row one is next to the flagpole. Stones run left to right.
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Eugene R. Gasper, Army, 1966-1968   Row 22, Stone 11

Charles V. Gates, Army, 1942-1945   Row 20, Stone 8

Charles V. Gates II, Army, 1996-   Row 30, Stone 12

James E. Getz, Army, 1966-1969    Row 20, Stone 2

Walter F. Getz, Army, 1918-1919   Row 19, Stone 1

Barbara E. Gibson, Air Force, 1950-1954    Row 6, Stone 11

Donald L. Gibson, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, 1958-1964 Row 36, Stone 5

Wilbur A. Giffhorn, Army, 1953-1955   Row 21, Stone 10

James W. Gilbert, Army, 1967-1969  Row 19, Stone 12

Loren H. Gillespie, Navy/Army,  1937-1941  1943-1945  Row 30, Stone 3

Loren served his country in the United States Navy from 1937 to 1941, where much of his service was on the battleship, U.S.S. Oklahoma (BB-37), one of the ships destroyed in the Pearl Harbor Attack. During this time in the Navy, Loren sent money home to his parents enabling them to add indoor plumbing and electricity to their farm home. Loren was recalled to duty again during World War II from 1943 to 1945 and was assigned to the Army. His military service included assignments in the South Pacific, New Guinea, South Philippines, Luzon and Japan during which he was awarded three Bronze Stars, the Pacific Theater Ribbon with two overseas bars and the Philippine Liberation ribbon with two Bronze Stars.

Jeffry T. Goujon, Marines, 1978-1982, Row 7, Stone 1

Jess L. Goujon, Marines, 2010-  Row 6, Stone 1

William "Chuck" Gould, Navy, 1955-1957    Row 20, Stone 11

Cloyce F. Gress, Army, 1968-1970 Row 34, Stone 4

Michelle L. Guernsey, Navy, 1986-1992  Row 29, Stone 11

Steven J. Guernsey, Navy, 1960-1964   Row 29, Stone 10

Noah David Hackbart, Air Force, 2012-  Row 36, Stone 11

Bill E. Haddock, Navy, 1942-1964   Row 28, Stone 8

Michael A. Haddock, Air Force, 1994-   Row 28, Stone 7

Richard A. Haddock, Army, 1968-1971   Row 28, Stone 9

Samuel L. Hagey, Army, 1978-1988, Row 35, Stone 2

Ronald E. Hall, Air Force, 1987-1991   Row 25, Stone 10

Daniel C. Hammond, Army, 1991-2001   Row 7, Stone 9

Lorena C. Hammond, Army, 1992-   Row 7, Stone 10

James E. Harkins, Army Air Force, 1943-1945   Row 24, Stone 11

Imogene Yentes Harmon, Navy Waves, 1943-1946   Row 26, Stone 6

Edward Lee Hazelman, Army, 1966-1968   Row 10, Stone 5

Floyd R. Hazelman, Navy, 1959-1963   Row 10, Stone 4

Jennifer Michael Hazelman, Army AirForce, 1982-1984    Row 10, Stone 6

Oscar Leo Hazelman, Navy, 1944-1945    Row 10, Stone 2

Robert Joe Hazelman, Navy, 1984-1997   Row 10, Stone 7
Bob entered the Navy one week after completing his associates degree from ICC.

Bob served thirteen years in the US NAVY as a Nuclear Machinist Mate and obtained the rank of Chief Petty Officer.  He also served two tours of duty as an Instructor at the Naval Reactor Facility in Idaho.  Bob served aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) and the USS California (CGN 36).
USS California (CGN-36
USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

Gary R. Heine, Army, 1961-1964    Row 27, Stone 6

Franklin M. "Hank" Hellemann, Army, 1949-1950   Row 10, Stone 1

Ralph R. Hellemann, Navy, 1942-1946   Row 29, Stone 12

Leslie C. Hellemann, Army, 1957-1959  Row 31, Stone 5

William R. Hellemann, Navy & Seabees, 1942-1946 & 1950-1953    Row 10, Stone 10

Jim W. Hellrigel, Army, 1966-1968   Row 27, Stone 9

Mark E. Hendershott, Navy, 1985-1990   Row 20, Stone 12

Herbert A. Henderson, Army, 1942-1945    Row 21, Stone 2

Derek Henricks, Army, 2006-   Row 9, Stone 12

Gary D. Hermann, Air National Guard, 1960-1966   Row 28, Stone 4
Brian Hild, Army National Guard, 1984-1992   Row 18, Stone 11

Larry W. Hild, Air National Guard, 1958-1964    Row 18, Stone 10

Harold Otto Hillman, Army, 1953-1956    Row 25, Stone 5

Kenneth Dean Himes, Navy, 1956-1960   Row 24, Stone 1

James A. Hinman, Marines, 1944-1945, Killed In Action     Row 25, Stone 4

Kenneth H. Hoback, Navy, 1966-1970   Row 1, Stone 9

Gary G. Hoffman, Army, 1952-1954   Row 19, Stone 2

Honoring Veterans American Legion, Post 1236   Row 2, Stone 2

Gloria Nyland Holt, Navy, 1944-1946   Row 20, Stone 1

Gloria Nyland Holt joined the WAVES on August 21, 1944.  She went
through boot camp at Hunter’s College in Bronx, New York.  Next she was stationed in Chicago at Navy Pier for the 6th War Loan Drive selling war bonds and lived in the Congress Hotel near there. The last place she was stationed was in Suitland, Maryland outside Washington, D.C.

She had many stories of her time in Washington, DC working in the top-secret hydrographic office of the Photogrammetry Department.  That’s where the charts are made for the world’s bodies of water and coastlines.  Aerial pictures were taken from planes of all the coastlines that had anything to do with the war. She would lay those pictures out side by side on the floor in her office. These were charted so the Navy knew where to land and where they could get off the ships. She knew where the next invasion was going to be before it even happened. 

One of the stories Gloria told was of walking with a friend by the Washington Monument on May 7, 1945. They were both in their WAVE uniforms. Three men drove up in a car that was labeled with Life Magazine and parked next to the monument. The men got out of the car with camera equipment and asked Gloria and her friend if they would like to go up to the top of the Washington Monument. The photographers were going up to take pictures of the Capitol as the lights were turned on for the first time since the war began. Obviously they jumped at the chance to see such a memorable site.

Another of Gloria’s favorite memories was of being across the street from the White House in Lafayette Park one evening in August of 1945. The rumor buzz around Washington that day had been that Japan had surrendered. As they stood in the park, they saw a Western Union worker on a bicycle turn into the White House with a telegram for President Harry Truman. The crowd in the park started chanting “We want Harry! We want Harry!” Soon President Truman came out on the balcony and announced to the crowd that Japan had surrendered. She got chills up her arms as she told that story years later.

Thomas Gaylord Holt, Merchant Marine, 1944-1946  Row 25, Stone 12

Thomas G. Holt was appointed to the Merchant Marine Academy in Great Neck, New York in February of 1944. His training there involved sea duty and being on merchant ships during the War carrying supplies to Europe and to South America. After the War ended, he continued his training in the Merchant Marines as a steam/diesel engineer and became Third Engineer.  He graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy. He served in the Navy Reserves for 17 years. He was a member of the Peoria Chapter of Reserve Officers Association.

Clayton Horton, Army, 1966-1969    Row 12, Stone 9

Daren G. Horton, Army, 1965-1967    Row 12, Stone 10

Fred A. Horton, Navy, 1960-1964    Row 12, Stone 8

Michael C. Horton, National Guard, 1993-2001   Row 12, Stone 11

Howard Eugene Hundt, Army, 1941-1945, Row 26, Stone 2.

Mr Hundt was at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941

Jack D. Hundt, Army, 1960-1962, Row 20, Stone 4

Jason R. Hundt, Marines, 1988-1991    Row 13, Stone 11

Robert D. Hundt, Air National Guard, 1956-1958   Row 23, Stone 8

Ryan T. Hundt, Marines, 1988-1993   Row 13, Stone 10

Robert C. Hunt, Army, 1943-1945, Row 8, Stone 7
Robert C. Hunt grew up on the farm in Mackinaw IL, he went to Tremont High School and was pulled out of school in his sophomore year to go into the service.  He was recruited into the Army in 1943 and served to 1945.  He told us stories of his adventures into Normandy, Northern France, Germany, Rhineland, and his time fighting in the Battle of the Bulge which was the last major German offensive campaign. 

Clair E. Hutchison, Navy, 1945-1946    Row 12, Stone 3

Donald I. Hutchison, Army, 1951-1953   Row 12, Stone 5

Ivan L. Hutchison, Army, 1945-1946 Row 12, Stone 4

James W. Hutchison, Army, 1961-1962    Row 12, Stone 7

Oscar L. Hutchison, Navy, 1917-1918   Row 12, Stone 6

Wayne E. Hutchison, Navy, 1942-1943    Row 12, Stone 2

Isaac J. Imig, Marines, 2009-2013   Row 25, Stone 8