Pictures of the Memorial Site

Chris Pflederer (21), recently graduated from Marine Corps boot camp, talks with R.D. Flannigan, (93).  R.D. was a World War II Marine.
Rifle salute.

Howard Parkhurst receives an award for 50 year membership in American Legion.
A moment of silence.

Some of crowd for the Memorial Day Ceremony, May 27, 2013

Memorial remembers the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, CT. December 2012

Memorial welcomes the Turkey Festival 2012

Memorial Day, May 28, 2012
Over 125 in attendance
Peral Harbor Remembrance Day.
First sunrise at the newly dedicated memorial.

Pastor Lee


Rick Otey

Community Chorus

3rd Grade Class singing Thank You, Soldier.

Miss Tremont 2011, Hope Hancock sings the Star Spangled Banner

Tremont Boy Scouts

Todd Bong, Village President

Mary Ann Vance

Ready to be dedicated.
Tom Endress and Dale Stuber put a finishing touch on memorial.
World War II veteran, Frank Lang, views his stone with his wife and daughter.
David hands stones to John for laying while Alan prepares more.
Carlene makes sense of it all.
Al Sanders and Carlene and Joe Venovich
Sorting by family.
David, John and Alan from Stuber Land Design get ready to set stone pavers.
Remember those still fighting this very day.
Tremont Community Bank donated the flagpole.

Dewayne and Larry Weeks fill in behind the rods to secure them.
Dewayne Waterman of Midwest Companies bores holes to insert metal rods.
Memorial after dark

Lighting the memorial up.
In honor of those who served/serve our country.

The inscription says it all.
Mary Ann Vance & Joe Venovich check out the progress.

Bob Groter of Wyoming Monument Co. gets the sandblaster ready for the granite pavers.
Granite pavers ready for sandblasting.
Placed rock around each boulder.
Here for many generations to enjoy.
11,300 pounds.

Mark O'Keefe lines the anchor into position.

J&J Cranes volunteered to lift the anchor in place.
Twice a day waterings and this great 80 degree weather have produced a good crop of grass this week.
Al Sanders delivering the anchor to the memorial site.
Joe Venovich guides the anchor closer to it's final resting place.
Anchor chain gets a coat of black paint.

The pole will fly a 6ft. by 10ft. American flag and a POW/MIA flag.

Joe re-checks Rick's work.

Rick checks to see that it's plumb.

Anchor with primer.

Sandblasting begins on the anchor.
Began watering grass seed on September 21st.
Jason Sauder of Stuber Land Design works with his dad, Mike, to plant grass seed.
All ready to seed.  Mike and Tom did a great job!!
Tom Sauder at the controls getting terrain ready for seeding,
Mike Sauder fine tunes the grade for seeding.
Jim directs the last pour.
Pouring around the sleeve for the flag pole.

12.5 yards today.  Temperature around 58 degrees.
Thanks to Tremont First National Bank for lunch.

Ready for concrete.

Every job needs some go-fors.
Lindsey, Drake, Logan and Carlene check out Grandpa's work.
Sleeve for flag pole ready for concrete.
Ready to pour concrete on September 16th.
Isaac Schweigert helps dad Joe with electrical work.
The boulder on the left is 17,500 lbs.  The one on the right is 14,500 lbs.
3 hours later and they arrive at their new home to welcome many vistors to the Tremont Veterans Memorial.
Arrival home.  This one is the heavier one weighing in at 17,500 lbs.
Carlene assures Joe that the boulders will fit.
Gary Fluegel straps the boulders down on Rick Vance's flatbed.
Al, Rick Vance and Larry Weeks
When it weighs 17,500 lbs, you call it a boulder.
Al Sanders readys the boulder.

Joe checks to see if it'll fit at the memorial site.
Chris McDonald ready to "have some fun".
Gotta have the right tools!!

Jerry Green reports for duty.
Clayton Horton (Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient) of Horton Trucking, delivers the anchor to Tremont from Virginia on September 14, 2011
Larry gives it a try.
Al Sanders takes a turn with the power washer
Rick works the rock over with the fire hose

You'll notice that the center of the sidewalk lines up "perfectly" with the "sacred stake" in the distance.  Thanks Joe V. :)
Jim Flannigan compacts the sand for pouring concrete.
10 1/2 yards of concrete.
Joe Schweigert, of L&F Electric, Morton, works his electrifying "magic".

JimFlannigan directs the pour.
David Wagenbach ready to pounce.

William Beutel and Rick Stuber

Mike Kent finishes the concrete.

Larry Weeks

L-R, Tim Emerick (Mud), Brock Butts & Joe Venovich.

Gary Wagenbach makes it look oh so easy.

Hole for the new flag pole.

Logan gives Great Grandpa Venovich an operators lesson.

R.D. Flannigan, (WW II) & son Jim

L-R, Jim Flannigan, Al Sanders, Larry Weeks, Rick Otey

L-R, Jim Flannigan, Al Sanders, Larry Weeks, Joe Venovich.

Hole for footing which will hold the anchor.  Heat index 102.

Mike Sauder fine tunes the grading.

Site of future Veterans Memorial