Row one is next to the flagpole. Stones run left to right.
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Curtis W. Jackson, Army,  1995-2004    Row 19, Stone 7

Elmer L. Jacobson, Navy, 1941-1945   Row 29, Stone 3

June R. Jacobson, Navy, 1943-1947   Row 29, Stone 4

Jim Janke, Navy, 1972-1975   Row 22, Stone 8

Thaddeus (Ted) Just, Coast Guard, 1941-1946  Row 30, Stone 11

Daniel J. Kadel, Army, 1918-1919, Row 32, Stone 11

Harold E. Kaiser, Army, 1943-1946  Row 3, Stone 8

Melvin E. Kaiser, Army, 1951-1953 Row 25, Stone 2

Leslie L. Kalb, Army, 1943-1946   Row 30, Stone 4
Russel D. Kamp, Army, 1940-1943    Row 23, Stone 5

Joseph C. Kenney, Army AirForce, 1942-1945   Row 22, Stone 3

Stan Kent, Air Force, 1966-1986   Row 1, Stone 8

James F. Key, Army, 1955-1959   Row 25, Stone 9

F. Neil King, Navy, 1954-1957   Row 16, Stone 2
Neil King grew up in rural Scotland, Illinois and joined the Navy right out of high school.  His service took him to Barbados and Newfoundland where he proudly served as a Seabee.  He married Betty (Cook) in 1956.  Later he went to work for Country Companies, and that job eventually brought him to Tremont.  Neil has one son, Boyd (Vickie), and two daughters, Cindy and Jennifer (Frank).  Neil and Betty currently live in Morton and all of their children live in Tremont.

Robert N. King, Marines, 2008-   Row 16, Stone 4

Robert Milton Kinsey, Navy, 1988-1993   Row 23, Stone 1

William Eugene Kinsey, Navy, 1959-1963   Row 26, Stone 1

Herbert Sam Knapp, Navy, 1952-1954  Row 34, Stone 12

Kenneth E. Knapp, Air Force, 1951-1958   Row 26, Stone 8

Cleo J. Koch, Army, 1944-1946   Row 2, Stone 6

Curtis A. Koch, Army, 1951-1953   Row 2, Stone 8

Elmon L. Koch, Army, 1953-1955    Row 2, Stone 10

Eugene F. Koch, Army, 1942-1946   Row 2, Stone 3

Gerald B. Koch, Army, 1951-1953   Row 2, Stone 9

James M. Koch, Army, 1957-1959    Row 2, Stone 11

Jesse E. Koch, Army, 1944-1946   Row 2, Stone 5

John Greeley Koch, Army, 1944-1945 Killed In Action   Row 2, Stone 4
John was inducted into the Army on September 6, 1944 and served 13 weeks of Basic Training at Camp Croft, South Carolina. He served in the European Theatre, 8th Armored Division, XVI Corps, Ninth Army. Operation Grenade Campaign: Ninth Army offensive from the Roer to the Rhine. (Feb. 23-March 11, 1945. Killed in action on March 6, 1945-Battle of Wesel Pocket-Rheinberg, Germany. Originally interred at  military cemetery-Margraten, Holland. Now resting in family cemetery plot-Mt. Hope Cemetery, Tremont, Illinois

Keith E. Koch, Navy, 1944-1946   Row 28, Stone 12

Kenneth A. Koch, Army, 1969-1971, Row 32, Stone 4

Vernon S. Koch, Army, 1946-1947 &1950-1951   Row 2, Stone 7

Gary D. Lane, Army, 1968-1970   Row 25, Stone 3

Arthur R. Lang, Army 1945-1947   Row 6, Stone 7

Arthur R. Lang, Jr., Army, 1988-1991   Row 6 Stone 8

Francis L. Lang, Army, 1943-1946   Row 6, Stone 5

Richard Langjhar, Navy, 1957-1960   Row 29, Stone 5

James R. Largent, Navy 1956-1958   Row 3, Stone 11

Richard D. Largent, Navy, 1944-1946, 1951-1953   Row 3, Stone 10

William V. Largent, Navy, 1943-1946    Row 3, Stone 9

Donald E. Leadill, Army, 1956-1959   Row 16, Stone 3

David V. Lee, Army, 1960-1963  Row 31, Stone 3

David V. Lee served in the U.S. Army from 1960-1963.  He was trained in communications, with advanced training in chemical, radiological and biological warfare.  In 1961, he was removed from the military and transferred to the CIA as were 17 others who also had special training.  They formed an advanced operations team and were sent to the jungles of Thailand.  Their objective for over a year was to patrol, observe and report any aggressive action on and along the Mekong River bordering Thailand/Laos.  This action was in violation to the coalition agreement established between Thailand, Laos and United States.   So, they were not officially there.  David was honorably discharged from the Army in 1963.  His path led him to Tremont.  With his wonderful wife, they raised four loving children.  David wishes to thank his four loving children for honoring his service with the gift of a brick to be included at the Tremont Veterans Memorial.    

Keith I. Lee, Army, 1966-1968   Row 18, Stone 12

Timothy R. Lee, Coast Guard, 1972-1976   Row 23, Stone 10

C. Mac Leininger, Navy, 1943-1952   Row 10, Stone 12

Nathan N. Levy, Army, 1944-1945, Row 32, Stone 6

M.K. "Link" Lindstrom, Army, 1950-1953   Row 20, Stone 3

William A. Lister, Marines, 1946-1951 Row 32, Stone 8
Mr. Lister was a Korea War veteran and received two Purple Heart Medals and one Silver Star

Chad M. Lohnes, Air Force, 1999-2009    Row 8, Stone 11

Robert L. Lohnes, Army, 1973-1976    Row 8, Stone 9

Robert L. Lohnes Jr., Army, 1993-1999    Row 8, Stone 10

James Edward Lonergan, Army, 1944-1946   Row 22, Stone 7

Jack S. Loughrey, Air Force, 2003-2014   Row 7, Stone 11

Alex Thomas Luft, Air Force, 2011-  Row 35, Stone 11

John Albert Luick, Navy, 1945-1946   Row 10, Stone 3

Norman L. Lusher, Army, 1968-1971   Row 28, Stone 11

Raymond Lusher, Army, 1940-1945   Row 13, Stone 1

Fredrick Jacob Lutz, Navy, 1937-1946   Row 29, Stone 7
Fredrick Jacob Lutz -United States Navy
Aviation Ordinanceman First Class

Fredrick Jacob Lutz was born in Malone Township, Tazewell County, IL on 02
May 1919, and attended the local schools of Tazewell County. He joined the US
Navy on 15 December 1937 at the age of 18, and served on the USS Lexington
(CV-2), an American aircraft carrier, during WWII as Aviation Ordinanceman First
Fred was on the Lexington during the Battle of the Coral Sea. On 8 May 1942
Japanese aircraft torpedoed the Lexington and Japanese dive-bombers managed
three hits from above. The ship seemed to survive the bombing, but after several
internal explosions, she was doomed. The crew was ordered to abandon ship and
were rescued by nearby American cruisers and destroyers.
After being rescued, Fred re-enlisted and served his remaining time in Long
Beach and San Diego, CA. He received the WWII Victory Medal and the Good
Conduct Medal. He was honorably discharged from the United States Navy in San
Diego, CA, on 26 November 1946.
Fred started his own trucking company, "Fred J. Lutz Trucking" of Pacoima, CA,
and did contract work for Los Angeles County. After retirement he moved to
Mojave Valley, AZ where he lived out his remaining years.
Fred passed away on 18 September 1999. He is survived by seven nephews
and three nieces.