Memorial Progress

Ken Harding introduces the presentation team at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel as they present for the Governor's Hometown Award Committee on August 28, 2012.

Mary Ann Vance explains the vision for the project.

Joe Venovich explains the construction side of the project.

Bettie Sage tells of the financial aspects of the project.

July 24, 2012
The response to the memorial has been so much that a section of concrete was removed to make room for 72 more stones.  This after the space originally planned for stones became full.  A crew from Stuber Land Design removed the concrete installed the stones.

November 11, 2011--Dedication Day!!

November 4, 2011--Pavers are installed.

October 22, 2011--Brass plates were installed at the memorial.

October 21, 2011--Holes are bored and rods inserted in south boulder to secure it.

October 20, 2011--Lights added at the memorial.

October 18, 2011--Monument arrives at the memorial.

October 17, 2011--Two granite benches arrive at the memorial from Abel Vault and Monument.

October 10 and 11, 2011--Placed rock around each boulder.

October 7, 2011--Anchor reaches it's final resting place.  From Virginia to Tremont, Illinois weighing in at 11,300 pounds.

October 6, 2011--Joe Venovich and Al Sanders deliver the anchor closer to it's final resting place.

September 30, 2011--Grass planted on September 20 pokes through the ground.

September 27, 2011--The first granite stone engraved and delivered.
September 26, 2011--The flag was installed.

September 22, 2011--Sandblasting of the anchor began.

September 20, 2011--Grass seed was sowed.

September 17, 2011--The sidewalk was poured using 4 yards of concrete.
September 16, 2011--The east half of the circle was poured using 12.5 yards of concrete.
September 15, 2011--The boulders were moved to the memorial site.

September 14, 2011--The anchor arrived from Virginia.

September 7, 2011--The west side of the 48 foot circle was poured using 10.5 yards of concrete.

September 1, 2011--The footings for the anchor and monumnent were poured using 7 yards of concrete for the anchor and 2 yards for the monument.

September 1, 2011--The website was developed.

August 31, 2011--Broke ground for the memorial.